This is an extremely difficult time for many households, small businesses, and individuals. Due to the many recent changes, we have worked quickly to adapt our model to keep the business afloat.


In chaotic times like these we are relying more than ever on the support of the community that has grown around our business. As a new small business we are particularly vulnerable to the current conditions. Here's what our business looks like right now:


We are taking a number of new precautions to make it as safe as possible for you to enjoy our diner-style food at our tables.

Planning Your Visit:
- Maximum group size: 8
- Reservations encouraged but not required (no fee)

When You’re Here:
- Face coverings must be worn at all times (unless eating or drinking)
- Please allow us to clear your table after your leave
- Ask staff for sauces, water, napkins, and utensils. Self-serve stations have been removed to reduce touchable surfaces as much as possible
- Water available at request as a self serve canteen is hardly optimal in these times.


In addition to indoor dining, we have a few other ways you can get your fill of GGG's delicious food! 


  • Order delivery online with Grubhub

  • Order take out by phone (401 537 7174) or in-store

    • We offer curbside pick up for your convenience. Call us when you arrive and a staff member will take payment and bring your order to you.

    • Local New England craft beer and hard cider is now available for purchase with pick up orders!


Good Game Grill’s game collection has been approved by the Health Department for in-store use. We put a lot of thought into our safety plans for this and have put signage around the store, as well as on the tables themselves to make sure rules are followed.


Because of our new quarantine system, game availability will be more limited. Check our game collection database to see which games are available.


You are welcome to bring your own games, or buy them here. If you are not playing games from our collection, you do not need to purchase a Play Pass.

Customer Guidelines

  • When you want a game please ask a staff member to get it from the shelf.

  • When you are finished with a game, let a staff member know so they can bring it to the quarantine zone.

  • Masks must be worn whenever food is not being consumed. This means masks should be worn during game play.

  • Please eat before or after playing, food cannot be consumed while games are on the table.

  • Please wash your hands between eating and playing games.

Other Safety Precautions

  • Each game is quarantined for five days between plays.

  • Hand sanitizer is provided at each table.


  • We have a full retail selection of board games & role playing games available to purchase in-store

  • Gift certificates and memberships are also available for purchase in store.


Even with a reduced number of people coming through the store, we are continuing to take extra precautions, including: 

  • Frequently sanitizing high-volume touch surfaces (e.g. door handles & counters)

  • Offering curbside pick up for all orders

  • Continuing to follow guidelines for hand washing and disposable glove use provided by the Health Department and CDC and reviewing them with staff members

  • Requiring that masks be worn by staff and customers at all times

  • Monitoring the health of our staff

  • Staying up to date on recommendations from the CDC and Department of Health


We're so grateful for all of the support you've given us since we opened in September. We're looking forward to continuing to grow this community in any way we can. Most of all, we're hoping you all stay safe and healthy and we look forward to seeing you here playing in the future!

- Courtney & Sadie Price, Owners